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Elvang Denmark is a design oriented company and the name behind throws, cushions, scarves and other textiles. Their vision is to combine Scandinavian design with one of the world’s finest fibers from the Peruvian Alpaca. The result is stylish products of a high quality, made with pride and integrity.


Elvang Denmark believes in operating in a socially responsible manner. Elvang is Fair Trade certified. This means for example that alpaca shepherds receive the full market price for their wool. Our suppliers buy wool at a fair price and skip middle men, so the shepherds get the highest possible price. Furthermore the suppliers train rural shepherds in the shearing and breeding techniques and hereby they are assisted in harnessing better wool. The result is a higher and fair price for their wool as well as the preservation of the quality of the alpaca fibers.

Elvang supports a millennia-old tradition of weaving textiles of Alpaca by keeping the production in Peru. In doing so we help to fight the acute rural poverty which is very much a day-to-day reality in Peru.



Alpaca wool comes in almost all natural colours – off white, grey, golden, brown and black – more than 20 natural colours. No other natural fibre comes in the same variety of natural colours.


Both alpaca wool and sheep wool are dirt repellent. Our products tolerate daily use for many years and maintain their appearance. If it is necessary, we recommend that you have the products dry-cleaned at an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

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Elvang Baby Alpaca Throw Amazing beige/white
Elvang Baby Alpaca Throw Amazing
Treat yourself to pure luxury with the noble wool blanket Amazing by Elvang. The first-class, high-quality baby alpaca wool and the modern design with the fine fringes make for a magnificent eye-catcher. Amazing collection is Japanese...
€279.00 *
Elvang Classic throw yellow ocher
Elvang Classic Throw
Available in 8 colours! The CLASSIC throw and cushion collection is beautiful simplicity in classic colours that fit into every home. It is Scandinavian design which does not go out of fashion. SUPER SOFTNESS - The fibres of the alpaca...
€125.00 *
Elvang Luxury throw beige
Elvang Luxury Throw
Available in 6 colours! The LUXURY collection is classically coloured throws in 100% baby alpaca wool. The name is inspired by the feeling of luxury you will experience when the amazingly soft alpaca wool caresses your skin. SUPER...
€219.00 *