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What started off as an idea on a backpacking trip in the 1970s has now developed into a company which is well known and respected right across the world. Since that time, the two young travellers, who have since become the company's founders, Josef and Bernhard Köpf, have been driven by nothing less than a mission to introduce the world to the benefits of a Brazilian JOBEK hammock. After all, the positive effects of hammocks on the quality of sleep have been proven in numerous studies.

In all this time, the brothers' focus has never changed: quality without compromises, a factor reflected in the loading capacity and durability of the products, which are now trusted across the world. This is ensured in the company's own production facilities in the north of Brazil by the fact that only the very best materials are employed and these are regularly inspected by independent testing institutes.

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Profi Rope Hammock Suspension Set
Profi Rope Hammock Suspension Set
Accessories for attaching all hammocks to trees and other designed and suitable structures. This fixing set is especially designed for hammocks and allows mounting completely independent of any hooks or screws! Just wrap the rope around...
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