Therapy uses

We supply hammocks and hammock chairs to therapists and patients. The swinging motion and spinning motion stimulates cerebral activity and thus benefits autistic persons. The swinging and spinning can benefit any person since it can increase one's ability to focus and concentrate through cerebral stimulation. The swinging/spinning can benefit impatient readers. The devices sold to medical practitioners normally cost 5 to 10 times the cost of our hammocks and hanging chairs and therapists comment that our chairs and hammocks are more comfortable, less expensive and often work better than the devices supplied by medical suppliers.

Children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorders (also called Sensory Integration Disorders), especially regarding proprioceptive or vestibular dysfunction and basic sensory modulation disorders, can use any type of hammock as a wonderfully therapeutic tool! Also children and adults with tactile defensiveness, Autism, PDD, ADHD, Asperger's, excessive energy levels, etc. will ALL benefit from some soothing, calming vestibular and proprioceptive input these provide.

Swaying in a hammock helps you to forget about the world around you. This will automatically reduce your stress levels. A stress free brain can concentrate virtually on anything without any pressure. Thus, hammocks help to reduce the stress levels of your body and invites serenity into your life.

Hammocks help to reduce the stress, and thereby reduce the blood pressure levels. Hence, they even help to gain control over emotional problems.

Hammocks provide physical health apart from the mental well being. Wondering how? As you lie down in a hammock, all your vertebrae align properly with the head and tail bones of the spinal cord aligned properly. This will automatically transform you into a state of meditation, which enables the body to rejuvenate from losses and helps to obtain relief from body aches. Thus, you can improve your overall physical health.

Lying down in a hammock for sometime helps to improve the brain activity. This fact is being used in treating autism and other problems such as poor ability to read and understand. Even the medical practitioners are recommending hammocks to cure the above problems.

To sleep well, let yourself be rocked!

Researchers from UNIGE, HUG and UNIL demonstrate the benefits of swaying on both sleep and memory, and offer a new perspective in the fight against sleep disorders. Anyone who has ever put a baby to sleep by gently cradling it or has ever taken a nap in a hammock knows that rocking promotes sleep. But why?

Read the whole Press Release from Geneva University, published on 24.01.2019